Delonghi Paper Bag & Filter Kit (Pack Of 5)


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Delonghi Paper Bag & Filter Kit (Pack Of 5)

Delonghi Paper Bag & Filter Kit (Pack Of 5)


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    Your vacuum cleaner features removable Dust Bags that collect dirt and dust!

    It's important to get the correct vacuum bag for your cleaner because the bag has to attach tightly to store dust and debris properly. If the bag is too big, it may not stay connected to the vacuum and if it's too small it may rip or tear. Dust or dirt could get inside the vacuum and interfere with its functioning, if you don't have the correct bag.

    On average, a monthly vacuum bag change is recommended, however for large households with many pets and carpets, vacuum bags may not last a full month.

    Signs that you need to change the Dust Bag:
    - You’ve noticed that vacuum suction has reduced
    - The cleaner is not picking up at all
    - Vacuum is spitting out dust and debris from the hose
    - Existing bag is torn or split – resulting in dirt and debris getting stuck in the cleaner

    Benefits of changing the bag:
    - More powerful suction and pick up performance
    - Improved air flow
    - Speeds up cleaning time

    Blocked or damaged filters can cause your vacuum cleaners motor to become overheated, as the dust particles are not filtered out as they make their way into the motor. Help ensure the continued high performance from your vacuum, with the Micro Filter included in the pack.

    Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.


    • Includes 5x Dust Bags
    • Includes 1x Micro Filter
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Genuine consumable

Stock No: 2180274OH